Upcoming Event: South Korea Hosts 2011 Sustainable Transportation Conference

The historic and scenic city of Changwon will welcome sustainable transport enthusiasts in October. Photo by SeongJun Hong.

Changwon, Korea is the next destination for the World Congress on Mobility for the Future of Sustainable Cities on October 22-24. EcoMobility Changwon 2011 is an event that will provide enriching perspectives on sustainable urban mobility. Through the expertise of renowned transportation professionals from around the globe, participants will be exposed to fruitful debates on mobility and the future of sustainable cities.

Ecomobility refers to environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive local mobility. The concept combines the use of non-motorized means of transport, like walking and cycling, with the addition of public transport and light electric vehicles. “Ecomobility allows people to move in their local environments without utilizing privately owned motor vehicles, and goods to be distributed with city-scale vehicles without combustion engines,” the event’s website explains.

The event will have a special focus on bicycle sharing systems and will explore physical, institutional and financial barriers to ecomobility innovations.

An inspiring and impressive group of speakers will lead the discussion on the challenges to sustainable transportation, as well as comment on creative solutions. The speakers will include mayors and city representatives from cities like Seoul, London, Tokyo, Melbourne, Lisbon, Tehran, Budapest, Bangkok and Boulder, Colo. Expert speakers from international and governmental organizations, including EMBARQ (the producer of this blog), GIZ, Asian Development Bank, ITDP and UITP, will also chime in with their knowledge. Conference attendants can also expect hearing from experts the academic and business community, like Carlo Ratti of MIT, Shivanand Swamy of CEPT University, Robin Chase of Buzzcar and Zipcar, and Eric Britton of New Mobility.

The conference is convened by the Global Alliance for EcoMobility with support from partners like EMBARQ, GIZ, UITP, ADB and ITDP. For a full list of partners, please visit: https://ecomobility2011.iclei.org/home/

The deadline for registration is October 10.

Register for the event here. Access the event’s program here.

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