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TheCityFix covers news, ideas, events and policies that help advance urban sustainability, with a strong focus on scalable and replicable solutions for cities in the developing world. Launched in 2007, the site is produced by WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities and connects a global network of writers, urban planners, designers, engineers, and citizens who work to make cities better places to live.

TheCityFix covers key happenings in sustainable cities, with a focus on the following topics:

Air Quality — local pollution, health, source attribution
Building Efficiency — sustainable buildings, clean energy, building performance
Climate Resilience — climate change, adaptation, resilience, vulnerability
Energy + Climate — global carbon emissions, climate change, energy systems
Health + Road Safety — public health, quality of life, active transport, urban design, complete streets
Integrated Transport — advanced bus systems, rail, metro, bicycling, walking, fuels, technology
Urban Development — land use, urban design, infrastructure, public space
Urban Governance — public participation, access to information, institutional capacity, transparency
Water — water risk management, water security, water mapping, flood risk

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