Upcoming Event: Cities for Mobility

Stuttgart, Germay will hold the 5th Cities for Mobility Congress July 3-5, 2011. Photo by Nikos Roussos.

The 5th Cities for Mobility Congress will take place in Stuttgart, Germany this year.  The event will focus on the relationship between mobility policies in cities and urban planning under the title, “Urban Mobility and the Social Space Challenge.” The event aims to unravel how future sustainable urban mobility can contribute to transforming urban spaces into appealing social places that attract people to live, work, relax and interact. For more details, visit the event website.

With interactive workshops, a contact forum, poster exhibitions and special tours of Stuttgart, the event will ask how cities can better enable access, especially with sustainable transportation, and how to convert urban spaces into social ones to eliminate car dominance and improve quality of life.  The event will draw more than 400 political decision makers, engineers, traffic and urban planners, as well as energy experts and specialists in the field of development to search for ways to make cities more livable.

In preparation for the congress, event organizers have placed a call for papers, posters, presentations and pictures in order to provide participants with a chance to present their organizations, innovative ideas and projects. All submissions must be relevant to urban planning, cycling, walking and sharing. Update, 6/13/11: The call for papers closed on June 10.

Register for the event here.

Learn more about the speakers.

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