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TheCityFix is an online resource for the latest news and analysis on urban sustainability and development. Launched in 2007, the site connects a global network of writers, urban planners, designers, engineers and citizens who work to make cities better places to live. The blog is produced by WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, a program of the World Resources Institute that combines global research and on-the-ground experience to spur action to improve life for millions of people.

With experts based in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and Turkey, WRI Sustainable Cities works together with local authorities, businesses and national governments on sustainable urban mobility, urban planning, building and energy efficiency, water risk, governance and resilience.

TheCityFix relies on this international community and other volunteer contributors to provide a global, multi-disciplinary perspective to its coverage of issues relating to urban sustainability.

Read our partner blogs in Spanish at TheCityFixMexico.com and in Turkish at TheCityFixTurkiye.com.

Disclaimer: The views and positions expressed on TheCityFix and its partner sites are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and positions of WRI or WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

Editorial Team

Hillary Smith, Communications Specialist

hillary.smith@wri.org | @HillSmithDC

Hillary manages content for the blog and WRI Ross Center’s social media accounts.

Talia Rubnitz, Communications Specialist

talia.rubnitz@wri.org | @taliarubnitz

Talia provides editorial support for the blog and WRI Ross Center’s social media accounts.

Veronica Linares, Communications Associate


Veronica leads visual storytelling for the blog and WRI Ross Center’s social media accounts.

Schuyler Null, Communications Manager

schuyler.null@wri.org | @schuylernull

Schuyler is the senior editor for the blog and leads strategic direction for the platform.

Tini Tran, Director for Global Communications & Engagement


Tini provides strategic guidance on WRI Ross Center’s global influence strategy and coordinates a team of communications staff in the U.S. and worldwide.

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