Friday Fun: Bicycle Parts Inspire Figurative Sculptures

Yeong-Deok Seo, an environmental sculptor based in Seoul, Korea, created human figures using bicycle chains. Tcheon-Nahm Park, a curator at the Sungkok Art Museum where Seo exhibited his work, describes the artist’s message as a satire depicting the social reality that either sticks or falls apart in a social system. “It is chain which he chooses to describe the phenomenon and reality intertwined and wriggling so as to live through and to bear each other,” Park describes in an interview with “Fragments of chains are fixed with pins. Every two of them are connected with sharing one pin. The fragments, stirring, tell us various stories with vivid expressions and shine differently depending on the angle at which light hits them.”

Want to see more pictures? Visit Yeon-Deok Seo’s blog or click through the images here.

Photos via Yeon-Deok Seo.

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