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Do More Cyclists Mean a Happier City? Yes and No
Do More Cyclists Mean a Happier City? Yes and No
Across Colombia’s cities, bicycle users are the most satisfied commuters, according to a new survey. In 2016, 86 percent of bicyclists in 18 cities were satisfied with their commutes, compared to just 48 percent for mass transit and 74 percent ...
Narrow, cobblestone paths do not support the development of a bicycle culture in Kadikoy, Istanbul. Photo by andy carvin/Flickr.
Creating a cycling culture in Kadiköy, Istanbul
Walking along Moda Cadesi in the Kadiköy neighborhood of Istanbul is an exciting experience. The street is connected to stores, a public park, and a pedestrian plaza that allows all ages and demographics to mix together in a dynamic hub ...
Friday Fun: Take to the Streets!
Friday Fun: Take to the Streets!
Tomorrow, New York City’s Park Avenue will be turned into a cyclovia. Photo by Asterix611. Tomorrow, seven miles of Manhattan’s Park Avenue, stretching from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park, will be filled with people, not cars. For three Saturdays ...
Cyclists ride in Copenhagen
How bicycle-friendly is your city?
Cyclists ride in Copenhagen, the second most bike-friendly city in the world. Photo by Copenhagenize Design Co. Last month, Copenhagenize Design Co., a consulting firm specializing in bicycle advocacy, announced their ranking of the 20 most bicycle-friendly cities in the ...
Bicitec's designs include deep well water pumps, maize degrainers and grinders, blenders, vegetation choppers, and coconut shredders. Photo by Bicitec.
Friday Fun: It’s a bike…no wait, it’s a machine?
Bikes serve different purposes in people’s lives. Most of the time they are used to go places, for exercise and recreation, to transport goods, etc. Sometimes, however, they can be used for more than that. As a testament to how ...
By nik.clayton.
Friday Fun: Bike-friendly cafe rolls into Zurich
The morning coffee run just got easier. With many cities around the world seeking to become more bicycle-friendly, Zurich, Switzerland has just taken it to the next level. At the Rathaus Cafe, overlooking the Limmat River in Zurich, cyclists commuting ...
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