Friday Fun: Safest Bike Lock

As part of the “3 teams, 14 days, 150,000 options” campaign, a team of engineers and technology experts created the “safest bike lock” ever invented. The campaign is part of Conrad, an online shop for electronics.

The bike lock is a tool that wraps around a large pole. Using a remote control, the bike owner can raise the lock, putting the bike out of reach of sticky fingers.

Using the device might get complicated if there are multiple users per pole. For example, if you lock your bike and someone else locks their bike after you, you wouldn’t have access to your bike until the other person lowers their’s.

Though it might get confusing with multiple users, vertical poles for bike storage would save a ton of space on sidewalks that can be put to better use for pedestrians. This sort of bike parking is reminiscent of the vertical bike storage we wrote about back in May.

What do you think about Conrad’s safest bike lock? Would you use it?

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