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Transmilenio BRT in Bogota, Colombia. Photo by: Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja / Flickr
What’s Holding Back Latin American Cities’ Clean Bus Transition?
The 18 Latin American Cities currently signed onto the Clean Bus Declaration of 2015 are sending clear signals to the market about their commitment to transitioning their bus fleets to low or zero emission buses. The time to transition is ...
Residents away a bus in the port city of Saint Denis. Access to real-time information about transit can help reduce waiting times and increase ridership. Photo by Miwok/Flickr.
Real-Time Transit Data Is Good for People and Cities. What’s Holding This Technology Back?
People with access to real-time transit information have been shown to spend 15 percent less time waiting at bus stops than people without this information. Additionally, a study of Chicago’s bus routes found that access to real-time transit information increased ...
On October 5, 2013, 100 en 1 jour (100 in 1 day) took place in Montréal, Canada. Above, Montréal residents pitch in to build an urban community garden. Photo by Bruno VITASSE/Flickr.
Friday Fun: 100 in 1 day highlights the power of active citizenship
From Bogotá, Colombia to Cape Town, South Africa and Kaluga, Russia, the 100 en 1 día (100 in 1 day) movement is making an impact on urban streetscapes worldwide. A “global social movement for citizen-driven change,” the movement is a ...
A crowd of passengers attempts to exit a metro station in São Paulo, Brazil. A new innovation from the Santiago Metro may help decrease platform gridlock for passengers like these, making public transport a more attractive alternative to private vehicles. Photo by Fernando Stankuns/Flickr.
Can this Santiago Metro innovation end gridlocked platforms once and for all?
Imagine you’re riding in a crowded metro car. It’s so full you weren’t able to get a seat, so you do all you can to stay upright as the train lurches between stations. As your stop approaches, you wonder how ...
A singer performs in the Chicago subway. Song and dance are no strangers to public transit around the world, and they have the power to transform public spaces frequented by urban residents every day. Photo by Joseph Mietus.
Friday Fun: Song and dance transcend the ordinary on public transport
“Some sociologists say that modern modes of transport annihilate space and time and generate a permanent fright in travelers…we did our best in making one of those daily trips have a meaning beyond its origin and destination.” Those are the ...
Beyond a bus system: Complete streets to revitalize Santiago, Chile
Beyond a bus system: Complete streets to revitalize Santiago, Chile
Chile’s new “complete streets” approach will be a paragon of integrated transport. Photo copyright Marcelo Kristopher. In 2006 Santiago, Chile implemented a public transport reform that reorganized the capital city’s buses into an integrated system with its already successful metro. ...
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