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Smart public bikeshare: The wise man’s means of transportation
Urban mobility systems are made to accommodate current mobility needs, and provide access and opportunities in cities. However, increasing urbanization and motorization – occurring primarily in developing countries – are contributing to a growing global challenge for transport planners and ...
On the move: Younger generation mobility trends
This is the second post of the “Sustainable Urban Transport On The Move” blog series, exclusive to TheCityFix. The late Dr. Lee Schipper, an internationally renowned researcher on the linkages between transport and climate change who co-founded EMBARQ in 2002, ...
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Friday Fun: Sustainable transport just got sexier
Have you ever wondered what message you’re sending that special someone through how you get around? According to a recent survey, you probably should. Out of 2,000 British men and women polled by, an online facilitator for buying and ...
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Ahead of his time: Gandhi’s ideals on sustainable transport and urban planning
Yesterday, India celebrated the 144th birth anniversary of its greatest leader, Mahatma Gandhi, a visionary whose fundamental principles and vision are universally applicable – especially to sustainable transport. As an individual working in this field, I felt I must share ...
The local flavor of mobility in São Paulo
The local flavor of mobility in São Paulo
Innovative and sustainable urban mobility is in the spotlight this week in São Paulo, Brazil, after the Virada Da Mobilidade (Turn of Mobility) alternative transport festival concluded yesterday. The good news from São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, is that ...
Bogota Cyclist
Putting people first: Cities lead the fight against climate change
Julia Thayne reports on the inaugural City Climate Leadership Awards Ceremony and Conference, September 4-5 in London. In many places in South America, owning a car is equated with obtaining high socioeconomic status. During recent years, however, cities such as Bogota, ...
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