Stories To Watch: A Deeper Dive Into Electric Mobility [PODCAST]
Countries like Chile are right to prioritize electrification of buses and other mass transport, says WRI’s Claudia Adriazola-Steil. Photo by Tamara Merino/IMF

One of the biggest challenges of a transition to a low-carbon world is to change the way we get around. Electrifying transport is a key element of this, but it’s about far more than selling electric cars and installing charging points in high-income countries. But what are the issues and questions that we need to be examining?

This deeper dive into electric mobility is the second of a short series of WRI podcasts that looks the individual subjects of our Stories To Watch project for 2022. In this episode we hear from Claudia Adriazola-Steil, Acting Director for Urban Mobility at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities; Kar López, Stories To Watch Researcher and Editorial Coordinator at WRI México; and Ani Dasgupta, President & CEO of WRI.

WRI's Big Ideas Into Action podcast · Big Ideas Into Action #44: Stories To Watch deeper dive on electric mobility

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