Friday Fun: Lightsaber Hand Rails in Tokyo

May the force be with you. Photo by the Official Star Wars Blog.

Hold on to your Stormtrooper gear, Star Wars fans, because we’ve got some galactic transport news for you!

To promote the release of the Blu-ray DVD boxset release of Star Wars: The Complete Saga, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Japan installed lightsaber hand rails in Tokyo commuter trains. Passengers can turn on the LED lights within the hand rails for the full illuminated effect. Hopefully, Tokyo’s transit agency received a nice amount of revenue for hosting this creative ad campaign.

Just last Thursday London’s BT Tower was transformed into a colossal lightsaber in honor of the Blu-ray release. In fact, the anticipation was so unbearable for Darth Vader that he had to take London’s famous Tube to go see it himself. Read more about Darth Vader’s invasion of London here.

The BT Tower in London as a giant lightsaber. Photo by Eddie Lawrance.

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