Call for Papers: Transportation Research Board 2013 Annual Meeting

Submit your paper by August 1 for TRB’s 92nd Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. Photo by camera_obscura.

The call for papers deadline is looming  for the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 92nd annual conference in Washington, D.C., taking place from January 13-17, 2013. You can submit your paper at TRB’s paper collection site until August 1.

Paper topics at TRB run the gambit of transport modes, integrating the environment, policy and practice spheres, including topics from soil erosion to transit-oriented development. For a full list of paper-reviewing committees on these topics, look here.

The Transportation Research Board is a division of the United States National Resource Council and is a branch of the National Academy of Science. The core research mission of the TRB is broken down into eight modes of transportation: aviation, highway, marine transport, truck, pedestrian-cycling, pipelines, public transportation and rail.

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