Zipcar Launches Facebook App

Are you watching your friends make weekend plans through your Facebook news feed? Are you afraid you’re going to miss out on the action? Well, don’t worry because you’ll never miss a weekend of fun with Zipcar’s new Facebook application!

Yesterday, car sharing company Zipcar launched “Reserve a Zipcar” Facebook application to further expand its collection of social and mobile applications and services. Through Zipcar’s Facebook application, members can now reserve a car, check car availability, view upcoming reservations or extend existing reservation through Facebook. The new application is now live on Zipcar’s Facebook page.

The app is currently in beta version for testing. As a Zipcar member, you can test the new app and provide feedback to the company directly through Facebook. “Reserve a Zipcar” is available to anyone with a Facebook account. Facebook users who do not yet have a Zipcar account can still use the application to find car locations or join Zipcar.

“Zipcar member surveys have shown that more than 88 percent of our members are Facebook users and the typical user spends over 15 hours on Facebook per month. We know that our members are tech-savvy and actively engaged in social media, so providing members with the ability to reserve a Zipcar directly through Facebook is a natural next step,” said Zipcar Chairman and CEO Scott Griffith.  “Zipsters manage their lives on both the information highway and the paved ones.  With today’s launch of the ‘Reserve a Zipcar’ Facebook application we’re enabling new levels of fun and convenience to members who no longer need to leave the Facebook environment to make a vehicle reservation.”

The application also allows members to share the details of their reservation with their Facebook friends as a status post on their wall. Griffith continued, “This new application further demonstrates Zipcar’s commitment to delivering the best member experience possible by leveraging the growing array of media and technologies adopted by our membership base.”

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