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Avenue of Possibility: Washington Celebrates Its First Open Streets Day
Avenue of Possibility: Washington Celebrates Its First Open Streets Day
If asked what they were planning for Saturday afternoon, most residents of American cities wouldn’t say dancing in the middle of the street. Yet on October 5, that’s exactly what many did during Washington’s first ever Open Streets Day, which ...
Crowds in metro station
The Next Gold Rush, Excess Capacity, and the Advent of a “Peers Inc” World
From the breakdown of conventional ways of creating and sharing wealth to rising temperatures and increasingly extreme weather events, linear models of development are no longer providing an answer to the pressing challenges that the world is facing. At least, ...
The shared mobility economy is on the rise. Zipcar founder Robin Chase sat down with TheCityFix to discuss how current trends and innovations are transforming transportation. Photo by Hugger Industries/Flickr.
Innovating for smart, sustainable cities: A Q&A on urban mobility with Zipcar founder Robin Chase
2015 is a year of utmost importance for the global sustainable development agenda, and cities will play a pivotal role. Landmark global decisions over the next 12 months provide opportunities to unlock the potential of cities and improve quality of ...
Robin Chase
Three things you should be doing right now: Advice from Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar
As human society faces the massive global challenge of climate change, many of us ask ourselves – do my individual actions really matter? Robin Chase, the founder and former CEO of Buzzcar and Zipcar, thinks they do, and she’s given ...
Millennials Walk Away from Cars
Millennials Walk Away from Cars
We recently addressed car-centric orientations and designs of urban areas and the associated road safety and economic concerns. But the car as an object took a backseat in the discussions. But lest we neglect the opportunity this week, we’re dedicating ...
Zipcar, recently acquired by Avis, offers "wheels when you want them." Photo courtesy of Zipcar.
Zipcar’s Purchase by Avis: Car Sharing Success or Failure?
Zipcar’s  $500 million acquisition by Avis-Budget Group announced last Wednesday is a watershed moment for the car sharing industry.  What will it mean for car sharing? Clayton Lane is COO of EMBARQ, the WRI Center for Sustainable Transport, and helps ...
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