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Learning From Seoul to Control COVID-19: Transparency, Accountability, Solidarity
Learning From Seoul to Control COVID-19: Transparency, Accountability, Solidarity
In many cities, lockdowns have forced large numbers of people into an impossible dilemma: follow social distancing guidelines or be deprived of their livelihoods and basic services. Unlike most places, South Korea and its capital, Seoul, took a markedly different ...
As Indian cities invest in information technology services, minimum standards should require the use of visualization tools to better utilize transport data and improve bus planning. Photo by EMBARQ.
The need to visualize public transit data for better bus systems in India
Over the past decade, many transit agencies in Indian cities have implemented information technology services (ITS) to improve bus planning and operations in urban areas. These typically require huge investments financed either by the city government or by the transit ...
A San Francisco, California, streetcar plies F Street, near the Embarcadero. Photo by danishdynamite.
Friday Fun: 4 Lessons from the Urban Data Challenge
Picture yourself on a lazy Sunday afternoon cruising down San Francisco’s Market Street in one of the city’s iconic streetcars. You have a seat to yourself to peer out the window as the sun beats down over the Golden Gate; ...
Photo by Amphis d'@illeurs.
Transit, Crowdsourcing and Universal Design
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University released a new smartphone application that will help transit users create a database of real-time information of their local transit agencies. Cities and transit agencies around the world are making riding easier for their customers by ...
"Smarter Traveler" App Manages Traffic Flow
"Smarter Traveler" App Manages Traffic Flow
IBM, along with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and California Center for Innovative Transportation at the University of California, Berkeley, announced a new effort to develop an intelligent transportation solution in managing traffic flow. The application, accessible through compatible smart ...
Transport-Related Apps for Your Smartphone
Transport-Related Apps for Your Smartphone
Do you want to be able to map your bike routes as you ride and share them with fellow riders?  Impress your friends by locating the closest Zipcar on the spur of the moment?  Find the nearest subway station in ...
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