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As Indian cities invest in information technology services, minimum standards should require the use of visualization tools to better utilize transport data and improve bus planning. Photo by EMBARQ.
The need to visualize public transit data for better bus systems in India
Over the past decade, many transit agencies in Indian cities have implemented information technology services (ITS) to improve bus planning and operations in urban areas. These typically require huge investments financed either by the city government or by the transit ...
Launching the iBus: How public outreach led to transport success in Indore, India
This post originally appeared on WRI Insights. Indore, India—nicknamed “Mini Bombay”—is a booming city of two million people. The city’s rapidly growing population has created serious problems, including increased road congestion, travel delays, traffic accidents, and environmental degradation. Enter the “iBus.” Indore’s new Bus ...
Trial runs launched on the iBus bus rapid transit corridor, Indore, India. Photo by Dario Hidalgo.
iBus, a new BRT changing the transport landscape in Indore, India
Last month, India’s newest bus rapid transit (BRT) system – iBus – launched trial operations in Indore. Over the last seven years, the implementing agency, Atal Indore City Transport Services Limited (AICTSL) worked closely with several public and private agencies, ...
Better Driving, Improved Fuel Efficiency
Better Driving, Improved Fuel Efficiency
With input from Umang Jain The Delhi Government introduced a new scheme to improve the operation of bus services where existing routes, 650 in total, were classified into ‘clusters’. This scheme envisaged concurrent operations of the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) ...
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