Research Recap, December 3rd: Londoners Ditch Cars, $1.9 Trillion Saved, Electric Vehicles' Counterproductively
Rail and bus use are way up in London.

Rail and bus use are way up in London. Photo by Éole.

Welcome to “Research Recap,” our series highlighting recent reports, studies and other findings in sustainable transportation policy and practice, in case you missed it.

Londoners’ Rail, Bus-Centric Lifestyle

London is leading the U.K. wide drop in auto-use and licensing of new-drivers, according to a new report out by the RAC (Royal Automobile Club). Since 1995, Londoners have increased rail trips by more than 17-percent and have increased bus use by 80-percent. The report also finds that U.S. issued driver’s licenses have, for the first time, are now held by a female majority.

$1.9 Trillion Saved By Going Nowhere

study produced for the Global e-Sustainability Initiative gives an exceedingly optimistic estimate for the reduction of greenhouse gases using “information and communication technology” as a model for preventative travel. The reduction in travel and associated emissions through targeted tele-work like strategies would reduce GHG levels by 16.5-percent globally and cut $1.9 trillion in energy and fuel saved.

Electric Vehicles Not Green At All

The State of Victoria Department of Transportation has found, in an ongoing study, that electric vehicles (EV) do not produce environmental benefits unless the energy they run-on is sustainability sourced. The research, as presented through an article in Australian newspaper, The Age, notes that driving electric vehicles on brown power, may actually be worse  for the environment than standard gas-propelled vehicles.

UN Sponsored Research Features Staff Comments

The United Nations Environment Programme has published its Emissions Gap Report, recording where policies and projects globally are reducing emissions and meeting reduction targets. Chapter 4 of the report, which analyzes the emissions forecasts of  future policies and projects was partially contributed to by EMBARQ – the producer of this blog- staff.


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