Recalibration, Recommitment, Renewal: Top 10 Posts for 2022
A community task force improves a central avenue in Edgar Gayoso, Teresina, Brazil, as part of the Transformative Urban Coalitions project. Photo: Paulo Sérgio/WRI Brasil

Just as cities were hoping to emerge from two years of a pandemic, 2022 provided a new round of disruption, thanks to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and new economic, political and climate disruption. Oh, and COVID-19 is still here. 

This year’s most-read posts include themes of transformation and finding new paths forward, of cities finding ways to meet multiple challenges head on. Improving access to opportunity while reducing emissions, improving quality of life while reducing road traffic violence, preserving green spaces while creating density, building momentum for the EV revolution while thinking beyond the car, financing new ways to match resources with ambitions…and don’t forget about building efficiency! 

We are very grateful to the more than 120 WRI and guest contributors who contributed to TheCityFix this year. Thank you for reading and writing. Here’s to recalibration, recommitment and renewal in 2023. 

1. Cities Should Account for Trees in their Greenhouse Gas Inventories. New Guidance Shows How, David Gibbs, John-Rob Pool and Nancy Harris 

2. 3 Ways to Reimagine Public Transport for People and the Climate, Ben Welle, Rogier van den Berg and Claudia Adriazola-Steil   

3. Chile, Mexico and Colombia Making Strides in Road Safety Legislation, Darío Hidalgo and Alejandro Schwedhelm  

4. Using Cycling as an Indicator for Urban Quality of Life, Cigdem Cörek Öztaş and Murat Ölmez  

5. Transforming Bole Road in Addis Ababa to Improve Safety and Accessibility, Jiregna Hirpa, Iman Abubaker and Celal Tolga Imamoglu 

6. 3 Ways Countries Are Expanding Electric Mobility Access, Leila Yim Surratt, Sarbinder Singh and Hali McKinley Lester  

7. Curitiba Is Evolving But Remains a Model for Urban Sustainability, Darío Hidalgo 

8. 6 Cities and Local Governments Accelerating Zero-Carbon Buildings, Kayla Rakes   

9. How Higher Quality Data Can Help Improve Urban Planning and Reduce Inequities, Sophia Vitello  

10. Financing Urban Transformation: Don’t Leave It Up to Cities Alone, Julia Gaus  

Schuyler Null is Communications Manager for WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

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