Meter Jam: A Campaign to Boycott Auto-Rickshaws and Taxis
There's a backlash against auto-rickshaws and taxis in Mumbai. But at what cost? Photo via Meter Jam on Facbeook.

There's a backlash against auto-rickshaws and taxis in Mumbai - and social media are fueling the frenzy. Photo via Meter Jam on Facbeook.

Originally posted on TheCityFix Mumbai:

“Meter Jam” is the new buzz word among quite a few commuters in Mumbai this week. The Meter Jam campaign is the brainchild of three advertising professionals in Mumbai, who are using the power of online campaigning and social media, including Facebook and Twitter, to call upon commuters in Mumbai to boycott auto-rickshaws and taxis on August 12.

The idea behind the boycott campaign started as a reaction to the problems caused by auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers in the city, such as frequent refusals and overcharging by using tampered meters, with the objective of instigating collective action — if only for a day — among Mumbai’s citizens in protest against driver behavior. The campaign’s Facebook tagline reads, “To display the power of public and shake the auto-taxi-dadagiri system, this 12th August, Mumbai decides to ditch autos and taxis and bring the meter to a halt.” (In Hindi, dadagiri refers to bossy and overbearing behavior.)

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