Friday Fun: Sneakers that Sprout
Photo from Oat.

When you're ready to throw these shoes away, plant them, instead! Photo via Oat.

We’ve found, perhaps, the epitome of eco-conscious fashion. (You might want to sit down.)

A few weeks ago at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week, models walked basically naked down the runway, save for wearing biodegradable shoes. (The theme of the show was “Adam & Eve.”)

Shoe designer OAT won second place for their concept. The company claims its sneakers can be buried in the ground—the woods, a garden or a compost pile—and will eventually turn to dirt.

So, now when you are walking around town with these shoes on, know that you are:

  • participating in low-carbon activity
  • reducing congestion
  • getting exercise
  • and using shoes that don’t contribute to landfills!
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