Friday Fun: Scrapertown
Scrapertown, a film by Drea Cooper & Zackary Canepari for

“[It] is definitely a process, and that process is definitely for the kids so they can get their mind off of what’s really goin’ on on these streets,” says movement creator Tyrone Stevenson, a.k.a. Champ, a.k.a. the Scraper Bike King. “You put the correct material on the spokes, you spray paint your bike a beautiful color — whatever color — or put something that means something to you, you know, in a decorative way on your bicycle” and then you have a Scraper Bike, Champ says.

Champ, a bicycle enthusiast with a do-it-yourself attitude, focuses young people’s attention and efforts on repairing and customizing bikes, and then showing off the mobile pieces of art by cruising through the streets of Oakland, Ca. The Scraper Bikes movement has grown to “Oaklandish” proportions and is truly impressive in its ability to encourage sustainable mobility, anti-violence, academic excellence and creativity.

“It’s just fun! I love to see the people of the community. I love to see their faces…it’s a good feeling,” adds Champs, on why he does what he does.

See the original video that went viral and short video from Streetsfilms.

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