Friday Fun: Redesigning Subway Maps

Will D.C.'s newest metro map help tourists navigate the city more efficiently? Photo by Michael Galkovsky.

Washington, D.C. metro officials, in an effort to improve the current metro map, have hired Lance Wyman, the creator of the original map, to reconfigure and tweak his design. The redesign aims to better illustrate the changes in service during rush hour and the addition of the Silver Line.

To support the cause and bring in a batch of new and fresh ideas, Greater Greater Washington held a redesign contest. The overall winner, Map G by Nathaniel Grier, was chosen by the GGW jury but received only fourth place based on votes by the readers. The winner of the popular vote was Cameron Booth (Map C), whose map showed thinner metro lines and subtle colors.

The voting period is now over but you can view the entries here.

How would you redesign the metro map?

What are the elements of your city’s transit map that make it easy to understand and navigate?

Share with us in the comments section below, or message us through Facebook or Twitter.

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