Do Bikes Build a Better City?

Photo by Marionzetta.

The Sustainable Cities Collective is hosting a free webcast today at 11:30 AM to discuss whether bikes can help cities function better and more sustainably. With cities worldwide experimenting with dedicated cycling infrastructure, cycle-only days, car-free streets and cycle superhighways, the webcast is an opportunity to hear experts discuss if these investments can be best leveraged.

This is especially interesting to discuss at a time when cycling has also received a backlash and city budgets started to shrink. By hosting this panel, the Sustainable Cities Collective hopes to illustrate this challenge and highlight solutions, as well as share best practices in cycling infrastructure from around the world, The webcast will cover:

  • The most innovative and cost-effective solutions to financing and constructing transportation alternatives.
  • Best practices in cycling infrastructure for cities looking to build more complete streets for the first time.
  • If and how bike infrastructure can help improve street efficiency and sustainability through relieving congestion and cutting down on car trips.
  • Dealing with “bike backlash” and resistance to infrastructure that is not automobile-oriented.

Register for the webcast here.

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