Welcome to the New and Improved TheCityFix.com!

Always moving ahead. Photo by Joni.

EMBARQ, the producer of TheCityFix, is proud to unveil a new and improved experience for our readers. Welcome to our re-designed blog, TheCityFix.com, and be sure to check out our new Portuguese-language version, TheCityFix Brasil.

Back in 2007, when we first launched TheCityFix, we had one goal in mind: to examine the ways in which cities around the world ensure sustainable urbanization for both people and the environment. Our goal is still the same, though now, we’ve added some new features (and streamlined some others) to make it easier for readers to search our content and connect with other members of the sustainable transportation community.

Over the years, we’ve been working to develop a global knowledge base of more than 1,300 posts by 80 writers. And we’re always looking for new contributors who can share news, research and “best practice” solutions with our readers. Last year, we had more than 251,000 visitors, and we can only hope to reach an even bigger audience in the years to come—all to inspire more people to support, promote and implement sustainable solutions to the problems of urban mobility.

As part of expanding our global reach, we’re pleased to announce that we will now be blogging em Português at TheCityFix Brasil. Much of the content will be the same but with a special focus on posts about Brazil and Latin America, which we will also often translate into English. This was the perfect time to launch TheCityFix Brasil because of the country’s rapid economic growth and the international attention placed on Brazilian cities during the lead-up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics. Brazil’s burgeoning social media scene will ensure an engaged online community for our Portuguese-speaking readers, and we invite them to share their experiences with us during the widespread changes taking place in Brazil and the rest of Latin America. TheCityFix Brasil will be edited by EMBARQ Brasil Communications Coordinator Richard Katz.

As you’ll see, we’ve taken away some of the bells and whistles from our old site to bring you straight to the content that you know and love. Here are some of the changes you’ll notice on the site:

Brand new look-and-feel with bright colors and clear visuals more closely aligned with EMBARQ, which is currently undergoing a re-branding of its global network.

Streamlined content, pulling from the archives of our formerly city-based blogs, TheCityFix Mumbai and TheCityFix DC. This way, you’ll be able to find everything in one place!

Easier navigation to highlight the same great content that we’ve always provided, centered around five main themes, in line with EMBARQ’s practice areas: 1) Integrated Transport, 2) Urban Development + Accessibility, 3) Air Quality + Climate Change, 4) Health + Road Safety and 5) Communications + Marketing.

Advanced search to let you browse content related to your specific areas of interest or expertise.

Jobs board to connect you to careers, internships, volunteer opportunities and fellowships related to sustainable cities and urban mobility.

Events calendar to let you know about upcoming workshops, conferences, networking events and other relationship-building activities in the field of sustainable transportation.

Online contact forms to let you easily send a message to our editors or apply to become a contributor directly from our site.

Improved commenting, using a platform called Disqus, to allow users to login with their existing social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter, making it easier to foster dialogue.

We will no longer be blogging in Spanish for TheCityFix DF (Mexico City). In the future, we hope to expand our multi-lingual presence, but for now, our attention will focus on our English- and Portuguese-speaking audiences.

You’ll also notice we disabled our social network, TheCityFix Social. If you created an account with us, don’t worry, your profile still exists! You can still login with your old username and password to leave comments, submit events or job listings, and to submit a new post.  Instead, we decided to focus our attention and resources on making the best use of existing tools, like Facebook and Twitter, to foster a sustainable transportation community.

We thank you for your feedback and we encourage you to continue the conversation with us on Twitter and Facebook, and feel free to leave comments on our posts. Again, we encourage you to become a contributor, explore job opportunitiesbrowse event listings, and contact us with your suggestions, tips and ideas. We appreciate your support!




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