Use SeeClickFix to Send Your K Street Comments
SeeClickFix has exploded in New Haven, Conn.

SeeClickFix has exploded in New Haven, Conn.

Following up on my earlier post about the K Street Transitway, you can also express your support for the K Street Transitway using SeeClickFix. SeeClickFix is a website that allows you to publicly map problems in your city that need fixing and to communicate with others who have posted problems. This puts public comments out into the public sphere. For more information, read TheCityFix’s review of SeeClickFix from earlier this year.

There’s also a feature that allows you to create watch areas, in which you link a certain geographic area to public official’s e-mail accounts. This means that if you post a suggestion to locations inside watch areas, the appropriate public official is instantly notified. This means that you can simultaneously contact your city officials without losing your comments in the black hole of bureaucracy.

I’ve created a watch area around the K Street Transitway so that if you want to comment on the project, it will not only be directed to the appropriate place, it will be open for the world to see. If you support sustainable transporation, let everyone, including the District, know by posting your thoughts on SeeClickFix here. Make sure to put your comments near K Street, between 9th and 21st.

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