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Friday Fun: Bringing Art to City Streets around the World
Street art can do a lot for a city: improve traffic safety, engage local political and social issues, and contribute to the vibrancy of urban communities. In many urban neighborhoods worldwide, street art is no long perceived as a public ...
Tirana, Albania painted buildings throughout the city with bright designs to increase residents' sense of belonging and hope for the city's future. Photo by Joonas Lyytinen.
Friday Fun: Paint can do more to transform your city than you think
As Mayor of Tirana, Albania, Edi Rama had an unconventional strategy to make his city more livable. Before becoming mayor, Rama was a trained artist and moved to Paris in 1995 to practice his craft. When he was elected mayor ...
Public art can help shape vibrant, cohesive communities. What role does art play in your city? Photo by João Perdigão/Flickr.
Friday Fun: Public art for brighter cities
Cities in the United States can now participate in the Public Art Challenge, a new program to support innovative temporary public art projects by Bloomberg Philanthropies. The program invites U.S. cities with 30,000 or more residents to submit proposals for ...
Friday Fun: Bus Stops Crackle, Swing
Friday Fun: Bus Stops Crackle, Swing
In the modern cityscape, the bus stop is dismissed as an object without artistic merit. Ubiquitous and simultaneously invisible -unless a delay forces the commuter’s eye-  few people recognize bus stops as places that can make a meaningful contribution to ...
Friday Fun: China's Foot-Painted Tree Crossings
Friday Fun: China's Foot-Painted Tree Crossings
A simple crosswalk in Shanghai was turned into a piece of eco-conscious artwork, raising awareness about the environmental benefits of walking. In a partnership with advertising firm DDB China and the China Environmental Protection Foundation, 132 white canvases, adorned with ...
Friday Fun: The RedBall Project
Friday Fun: The RedBall Project
The RedBall Project is a traveling installation and a social experiment that started in 2006. Since its inception, the red ball has traveled all around the world, getting wedged in between buildings, being suspended from bridges and floating in urban ...
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