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PeopleSt in Los Angeles
Cities by People: Talking Tactical Urbanism with Mike Lydon
For all the buzz that tactical urbanism has received in the past several years, there’s still a lack of public consensus about the movement’s exact meaning, impact, and potential for change. Mike Lydon and Anthony Garcia, Principals of Street Plans ...
Intersection repair is one common example of tactical urbanism
Friday Fun: How tactical urbanism is shaping cities for people, by people
Like many DIY, post-recession movements that have sprung up in the past few years, tactical urbanism is human-centered and empowering. At its core, it’s about people making the city work for them. Rather than relying on governmental actors, the tactical ...
Friday Fun: Getting to the Other Side
Friday Fun: Getting to the Other Side
As you may remember, we’ve written before about the panoply of zoologically themed street crossing names, from “puffins” to “pelicans.” Contemporary urbanites are now creating whole new beasts out of pedestrian walkways, from do-it yourself (DIY) crossings in the United ...
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