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Obama Reports dangerous ped crossing!

Obama reports dangerous ped crossing!

TheCityFix DC talks a lot about how we’d like to see D.C. change. We’re also committed to making sure that your voices get heard. That (and the similar names!) is why we’ve teamed up with SeeClickFix to try and spread civic engagement into the public sphere. We’ve been working with some of the District’s ANC commissioners.  Each has joined other elected officials and DC 311 to create watch areas around their district. Whenever someone posts on SeeClickFix within the watch area, they’ll hear about it and push for on-the-ground results.

Here is the concept:

See – see a non-emergency issue in your neighborhood
Click – open a ticket describing the issue and what can be done to resolve it
Fix – publicly report the issue to everyone for resolution

Here is what happens once you identify a problem:

1. Elected officials and others following a watch area receive an alert as problems are reported

2. Everyone has a chance to review and respond to issues

3. The problem gets fixed (especially if there is a lot of activity around one report)

Check out the flurry of responses I received about a report I filed on a dangerous pedestrian signal at U St.and Florida Ave. Within 15 hours I had a response from Councilmember Jim Graham’s office explaining that the issue would be resolved with the upcoming Adams Morgan Streetscape Reconstruction Project.

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