New Competition: Visualizing Transport Data for Sound Policy and Investments

Do you have what it takes to influence smart transportation policy with inspiring data visualization? Photo by Elif Ayiter/Alpha Auer/..../.

The United States Department of Transportation and the Transportation Research Board are sponsoring a data visualization competition, understanding that informed decision-making, based on sound data and analysis, is the cornerstone in crafting effective transportation policies and investments. The competition is an attempt to encourage students to examine data visualization options to help decision makers make informed policy  and investment decisions that support transportation safety and economic development.

To enter the competition, students are expected to create a data visualization product that addresses critical transportation policy or investments, such as whether there is a strong relationship between transportation-related deaths and safety campaigns or how much influence engineering improvements have on collisions. For more topic ideas and data leads, go here.

The visualization can focus on national trends in transportation, as well as local issues. The entries will be judged on four elements:

  • Creativity and aesthetics of data visualization
  • Success in translating multiple data sets into relevant visual information
  • Relevance to the goal areas of better understanding policy or investment problems related to transportation safety or economic development
  • Demonstrate value in assisting decision makers

The deadline for submissions is in two weeks on Monday, October 31, 2011. The entries, in addition to receiving a critique from a panel of federal transportation experts, will also be open to the public for voting. The two best overall submissions will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship each and the one submission with the highest number of votes from the public will be given the title of “People’s Choice.”

Find more information on how to enter the competition here.

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