Friday Fun: "Let's Take a Ride in an Electric Car!"

We’ve featured several developments in the electric car sector over the past few months on TheCityFix Picks, but have yet to come across an anthem for the zero-emission vehicle. Until now. They Might Be Giants who brought us the songs “Particle Man“, “Why Does the Sun Shine“, “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)“, and the 1840s hit “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too” sing the praises of the battery-charged automobile on the band’s most recent album for children, Here Comes Science.

Alright, I have to be honest. They Might Be Giants is my favorite band and I’ve been jamming to the two Johns’ music since I was a child and can’t get the refrain of the tune out of my head.

Let’s take a ride in an electric car
To the west side in an electric car
How can you deny an electric car
Won’t you take a ride with me!

You have been warned. Listen with caution. You will love it. Buy it for your child.

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