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The most comprehensive, public database of bus rapid transit (BRT) systems around the world was launched on April 2 by the Across Latitudes and Cultures – Bus Rapid Transit Centre of Excellence and EMBARQ (the producer of this blog), in collaboration with the International Energy Agency.

The first 1.6 version dataset of includes information on BRT or bus corridors in 134 cities in 36 countries, totaling 3,358 kilometers with an estimated 22,498,159 passenger trips per day. On April 10, the three global organizations held a webinar to introduce this dataset to the public and gather feedback. About 90 people participated in the online forum. (Watch a video recording of it here.)

Since the launch of the website, the team has received comments and input from researchers, peer organizations and transit agencies, who provided their feedback through the website, EMBARQ’s Twitter account and during the webinar.  While synthesizing the comments, our team is continuing to scrutinize, revise and update the existing the dataset to fill in any gaps. Based on these efforts, on April 17, we updated the dataset to version 1.7, The changes are listed in the Changelog of the website. Here are some highlights:

New cities

  • Sydney now specified as Parramatta, Blacktown
  • Campinas Corredor Metropolitano Noroeste: changed city name to Sumaré
  • Recife Av. Pan Nordestina: changed city name to Olinda

New corridors

  • Boston: Silver Line Waterfront, Silver Line Washington Street corridors
  • Los Angeles: Orange Line
  • New York: Fordham Road/Pelham Pkwy, M15 SBS (1st/2nd Ave) corridors
  • Santiago: Pajaritos replaces Alameda
  • Londrina: Avenida Rio Branco changed to Winston Churchill

Modifications to existing systems/corridors

  • All systems: updated trunk routes
  • Belo Horizonte: corridor peak load; physically integrated feeders
  • Cali: population density, station environment, commercial speed
  • Campo Grande: transfer stations, year inaugurated, type of service, commercial speed
  • Cleveland: daily ridership
  • Joinville: stations, station spacing, commercial speed
  • Kansas City: year commenced, system length, stations, fleet, fare
  • Porto Alegre: corridor peak load; commercial speed
  • Rio: overtaking lanes, commercial speed
  • Santiago: peak frequency, commercial speed
  • Sydney: corridor length, length segregated & exclusive lanes
  • Uberlandia: corridor peak load, frequency
  • York changed to York Regional Municipality, map location updated

The team will continue updating the dataset. We appreciate input from researchers, local transit agencies and people who care about BRT. If you have any questions and feedback, contact info [at] brtdata [dot] org.


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