Bob McDonnell's Transportation Plan Is No Good for NoVa
Attorney General Bob McDonnell. Photo via Wikimedia.

Attorney General Bob McDonnell. Photo via Wikimedia.

Bob McDonnell’s plan for fixing transportation in Virginia (am I the only one who is consistently surprised when transportation is one of the most important issues there?) seems to consist of only tolls and  more highway spending. Moreover, these don’t appear to be tolls as in congestion pricing so much as tolls in the style of Delaware: making people pay because you know they will. For example, McDonnell is proposing tolls at the North Carolina border, only going inbound.

Basically, this is not what at least Northern Virginia needs. It’s regressive funding for expanding sprawl. There’s an emphasis on HOT lanes, but I didn’t see mention of transit in the short AP piece going around.

That said, McDonnell’s proposal to pay for some highway repairs by privatizing the state’s liquor monopoly is fine by me. It’s a silly holdover from the temperance movement and Prohibition.

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