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Earth Day 2013: transport as a solution in the face of climate change
With the theme of Earth Day 2013 being, the Face of Climate Change, TheCityFix discusses how transport can play an integral role in solutions to help mitigate climate change and its deadly effects. For the thousands of residents in the Chicagoland area ...
Photo by Hector Rios, EMBARQ Mexico.
Developing countries as junker graveyards: the global cost of used cars
Remember that 1994 blue minivan that your mom used to pick you up from school in? Well, chances are that gas-guzzling, oil-burning junker is probably still chugging along south of the U.S. border, maybe hauling around a Mexican family in ...
Women making strides on public transport. By ¡Carlitos.
Making Transport Safer for Women
When the lack of safety for women in transport makes headlines December’s brutal gang rape and assault with an iron bar that caused fatal internal injury to a 23-year-old student on a public bus in New Delhi has caused nationwide ...
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