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Aerial photography of Punta Gorda, on Florida's Gulf of Mexico coast. Photo by Carlton Ward
Can Reef and Beach Insurance Improve Coastal Resilience?
When you hear the word “nature,” what do you think about? A pristine beach? Maybe your favorite wild animal? Nature means different things to different people. But do you think of nature as a powerful source of protection from storms, rising ...
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As India rapidly urbanizes and climate change progresses, coastal villages--like Arnala--struggle to keep traditional industries alive.  (Photo:
Beyond Mitigation: Planning for Resilience outside India’s Mega-Cities
Over the last century, India’s landscape has urbanized considerably: the urban population has grown 14 times since 1901, and by 2050 up to 54 percent of India’s population will be urban (ACCCRN). Much of this urban growth is occurring in ...
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As sea levels rise across the globe, coast lines are posing large threats for dense, coastal cities. For these cities, adaptation is the last line of defense for safeguarding citizens. (Photo: dia_n / Flickr)
Friday Fun: Adapting New York City for Rising Waters and “the Next Sandy”
If global temperatures rise by 2º Celsius, New York City (NYC) could lose up to 1.8 million of its residents. However, unlike other cities who are simply working to mitigate climate change, NYC is working to adapt its cityscape to ...
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With an increasing number of climate refugees in cities like Dhaka, local and national leaders need to respond with a comprehensive plan of action. Photo by blese/Flickr.
The Urgency of Climate Refugees in Dhaka and Beyond
In the next 40 years, climate change is expected to cause 150 million people worldwide to leave their homes and migrate elsewhere. According to a report by the Environmental Justice Foundation, this puts 10 percent of the global population at risk ...
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Sea level rise proposes a threat to transit and urban quality of life. Photo by McKay Savage.
World Water Day 2011: Urbanization, Water and Climate Change
The United Nations General Assembly designated March 22 as World Water Day to highlight challenges of protecting the world’s water. Since 1993, World Water Day has been a time dedicated to drawing international attention to and discussing the affects of rapid ...