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Fireworks go off in Cartagena, Colombia for New Year's Eve. Photo by Louis Vest/Flickr.
Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Public Spaces Worldwide
If one night out of the year were to demonstrate the value of public spaces for healthy, inclusive cities, New Year’s Eve might be the best example. Many urban areas attract millions of partygoers ever year, eager to ring in ...
Cities, such as Dubai, have improved energy efficiency by setting both public and private sector goals. (Photo: lam_chihang/Flickr)
Setting the Goal Posts for Energy Use: How Energy Efficiency Targets Trigger Action
The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score — Bill Copeland. Goals help provide our everyday lives with structure, and operate similarly at the institutional ...
By investing in natural infrastructure for water, cities have successfully saved money and improved their resilience to climate change. (Photo: Mariana Gil/ WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities)
Cities Can Save Money by Investing in Natural Infrastructure for Water
By 2030, the world is projected to spend an estimated $10 trillion on repairing and expanding water infrastructure. Dams and treatment plants are aging, water demand is surging, and more frequent extreme weather events threaten our water security—each driving up water management ...
With the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit coming up this weekend, cities are looking to play a key role in achieving the UN's sustainable development goals. (Photo: Center for Global Development/ Flickr)
How Cities Can Drive Change with the New UN Sustainable Development Goals
This weekend, from September 25 – 27, more than 150 world leaders will convene in New York City for the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit to develop the new sustainable development goals (SDGs). This agreement will serve as the foundation ...
To combat congestion and manage water, cities across the globe have begun drilling underground. (Photo: MTA New York City / Flickr)
Friday Fun: Innovative Tunnels for Denser, More Resilient Cities, in Videos
There are many tools that cities can use to achieve sustainable development; however, one finite resource that will be perpetually limited is space—a necessity for new roads, infrastructure, homes and buildings.  Regardless of what initiatives are set in place, as ...
The White House's new "Smart Cities" Initiative will partner cities, like New York, with tech organizations to improve urban design and policy making. (Photo: David Flores / Flickr)
An Act of Faith in Cities: White House Launches “Smart Cities” Initiative
On Monday, the Obama administration unveiled the “Smart Cities” Initiative for the United States, which recognizes cities as engines of growth and innovation and aims to address local challenges to improve the lives of the country’s growing urban population. The ...
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