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Mexico City's Ecobici bike-share system is one of the best in the world due to its high usage and integration into the city's transport system. Photo by Eneas de Troya/Flickr.
Building towards better bike-sharing systems
Less than ten years ago Lyon, France launched the first successful, modern bike-share system. Less than seven years ago Paris, France put bike-sharing in the global spotlight. Bike-sharing is no longer a novel experiment but a proven mobility solution. From ...
Cycling at the Bikesantiago launch in Santiago, Chile, in October 2013. Although there's no single registry of all bicycle-sharing systems worldwide, an increasingly growing suite of resources are available. Photo by Claudio Olivares Medina/Flickr.
The bike-share report’s go-to guide for bike-sharing FAQs
This is the third post of The Bike-share Report, a new blog series on bike-sharing, exclusive to TheCityFix, from Peter Midgley – the former Urban Mobility Theme Champion for the global Transport Knowledge Partnership (gTKP) with 25 years of experience ...
Barcelona, Spain's bicycle sharing system, Bicing. Bicycle sharing schemes have experienced a rapid global expansion throughout the past decade, likely outpacing growth in every other mode of urban transport. Photo by IluriPhoto/Flickr.
On the move: The swift, global expansion of bicycle-sharing schemes
Peter Midgley joins us as this week’s author for the “Sustainable Urban Transport On The Move” series. We invited Peter to share his vast knowledge on bicycle sharing gained through his experience tracking the growth of bicycle sharing systems since ...
Citi Bike, America's largest bike-sharing system opened in New York City on Monday. Photo by shinya.
Bike-sharing arrives in New York City via Citi Bike
New York City has joined the ranks of U.S. cities now offering bike-sharing systems. Sponsored by CitiBank and launched on Monday, Citi Bike offers residents, commuters, and visitors to the “Big Apple” an additional mobility and urban connectivity option, in the form ...
Mysore is keen on developing a cycling culture in the city. Photo: Joseph Swaine
Cycling through Mysore, India
This blog post is a part of the Catalyzing New Mobility program, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation. Mysore, a historic city in southern India, is home to numerous palaces and ancient monuments and is the second largest city in the ...
The bicycle holds promise as a sustainable mobility solution for Indian cities. By Jorge Royan.
The promise of bike-sharing in India
This blog post is a part of the Catalyzing New Mobility program, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation. Rapid economic growth in developing countries has resulted in increased purchasing power among the people, which manifests itself in an ever-increasing number of private ...
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