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Today marked the first day of the Cities & Transport International Congress in Rio de Janeiro. More than 100 city leaders and experts have assembled to speak sustainability, mobility and urban planning. (Photo: EMBARQ Brasil)
Day 1 of Cities & Transport International Congress Talks Climate Action, Inclusive Development
Home to billions of people, cities are often the source of our most urgent problems–but they’re also where we find some of the most promising solutions for the urban century ahead. Today, over a thousand people and 130 speakers gathered ...
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The Mayors' Summit kicked off today in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, allowing city leaders from across the globe to share their ideas on to create sustainable cities. (Photo: Mariana Gil/ EMBARQ Brasil)
Live from the Mayors’ Summit: Why We Need Bold Leadership for Sustainable and Equitable Cities
“Something is happening in cities. Every day, 1.4 million people are added to the global urban population.” With these words, Andrew Steer, President and CEO of World Resources Institute (WRI), kicked off the Mayors’ Summit today in Rio de Janeiro, ...
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The internet has rapidly changed the ways that people connect with others, work, and live. Cities, like Taipei, Hong Kong, and Sao Paulo, are catering to this widespread demand for internet by broadcastig free Wi-Fi. (Photo: Antonio Tajuelo / Flickr)
Friday Fun: Three Cities Broadcasting Free Wi-Fi and Why This Is a Good Thing
From the way we learn and work, to the way we stay in contact with friends and loved ones, the internet has come to occupy a critical part of people’s lives across the world. And especially among younger generations, the ...
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Bus rapid transit recently hit a landmark in its recent exponential growth, highlighting its success as a new mode of transport. (Photo: Mariana Gil/EMBARQ Brasil)
BRT Hits 400 Corridors and Systems Worldwide
Last week, bus rapid transit (BRT) reached a global milestone, as the number of mapped BRT corridors and systems in’s database broke 400. As an online resource, BRTData compiles and tracks the development and progress of BRT projects globally. ...
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The "Play Me, I'm Yours" project has reached more than 40 cities world wide, and continues to install pianos in urban communities. (Photo: Keegan Jones / Flickr)
Friday Fun: Three Cities that Are Transforming Public Space with Street Pianos
When walking in downtown Hangzhou, China, one can safely expect to see a healthy variety of pedestrians, traffic, and commercial high rises.  Dig a little deeper, however, and you may also find locals and tourists belting out Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata ...
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A driver using the Occulus Rift, a popular virtual reality device, to simulate a driving experience.  (Photo: Nan Palmero / Flickr)
Friday Fun: Using Virtual Reality to Create Safer Drivers
Talking about virtual reality (VR) often calls to mind movies like The Matrix or futuristic video games—however, VR is also proving to be an unlikely ally in the fight to make roads safer in cities everywhere. The World Health Organization warns ...
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