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Though progress has been made, cities worldwide must continue to implement universal design solutions that make transport services accessible for disabled persons. Photo by Igor Schutz/Flickr.
How cities can provide universally accessible mobility services: A Q&A with Tom Rickert
TheCityFix recently interviewed Tom Rickert – Founder and Executive Director of Access Exchange International – to learn more about how cities can improve mobility for disabled persons. Access Exchange International was founded in 1990 to promote accessible public transport for ...
“Hybrids” Rule Philippines Streets! – Part 1
“Hybrids” Rule Philippines Streets! – Part 1
Originally posted at Air Quality, Climate Change, and Transport: ‘Josephine Guittu ‘drives a Hybrid for living in Manila. In case if you are wondering if he has cracked the “technology” barrier to own a cheap non polluting vehicle then you ...
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