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A boy peers out a bus window in Mumbai, India. Photo by gregor_y.
How clean is the air we breathe in cities?
More and more cities worldwide are grappling with the ever-increasing menace of air pollution — especially in India, which contains some of the most polluted cities in the world. Rapid economic growth in developing countries and increased individual wealth is ...
Curitiba Street by Robert Blackie
30 years of transport in Latin America: 15 years back, 15 years ahead
Fifteen years ago, Latin America passed a tipping point on the road to becoming a global leader in advanced bus systems, proving that municipalities can inspire meaningful change through a combination of leadership, institutional support, and funding. Today, Latin America ...
Eliminating Fossil Fuel Subsidies to Curb Climate Change
Eliminating Fossil Fuel Subsidies to Curb Climate Change
A recently leaked draft of a report by the World Bank recommends rich countries eliminate fossil fuel subsidies in order to provide financial assistance to developing countries in their struggle to address climate change. The confidential document—available through The Guardian—is a ...
Seoul Gives Bike Subsidies to Commuters
Seoul Gives Bike Subsidies to Commuters
Seoul, South Korea recently announced transportation subsidies for bicycle commuters, The Korea Times reports. The City also announced plans to repair abandoned bicycles and rent them at no charge to commuters in order to encourage bicycle use. The article reports that the ...
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