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The Journey of Redesigning Delhi Gate Junction
The Journey of Redesigning Delhi Gate Junction
From a road safety standpoint, intersections are one of the most critical parts of a city’s streetscape and transportation network. In most cities, they account for the highest number of interactions between vehicles and pedestrians. To increase safety at one ...
Scenes from Mexico City's Cyclotón
Building a cycling culture in Mexico: Q&A with Gisela Mendez, Awen Southern, and Julie Clerc
Implemented in 2010, Mexico City’s Ecobici bike-sharing system has grown from 90 stations and 11,000 members  in its first year of operation to 271 stations and over 75,000 members today — covering new ground and reaching more residents. TheCityFix interviews ...
From the Mexico City Urban Earth Transect. By Daniel @RavenEllison [URBAN EARTH].
Friday Fun: Daniel Raven-Ellison and the “Urban Transect” through Mexico City
One photo, every eight steps, the camera pointed straight ahead. The formula is simple, but the results reveal a lot about the way we perceive urban streetscapes. Geographer Daniel Raven-Ellison formed the Urban Earth network, in an effort to, “explore ...
Abu Dhabi Showcases Sustainable Urban Design
Abu Dhabi Showcases Sustainable Urban Design
The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) in February released the Urban Street Design Manual, a 172-page guidebook that outlines design standards to create more walkable communities in Abu Dhabi, the largest and most oil-rich of the seven members of ...
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