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TransOeste BRT driver
Visualize and explore Bus Rapid Transit with this revamped data portal
Every single day, nearly 30.9 million people ride Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) or busways system globally. That’s more people than the entire population of Ghana or the state of Texas. 19.5 million (63.3%) of these passengers are located in Latin ...
Developing public transport in Brazil as car sales surge
Developing public transport in Brazil as car sales surge
In Sao Paulo, increasing car sales led to the worst congestion in the city’s history. Photo by Levi Bianco. In May, car sales in Europe fell to the lowest level in almost two decades. Within the first five months of ...
Users wait to board a crowded metro bus. Photo by EMBARQ.
What we want: Users and experts in Latin America on their dream BRT
Users wait to board the crowded Metrobus in Mexico City. Photo by EMBARQ Mexico. Increasing the use of public transport is a hot topic in the urban transportation world, and improving the experience of riding bus rapid transit and metro ...
Curitiba BRT. Photo by Thomas Locke Hobbs.
“The car is the cigarette of the future”
Jaime Lerner is the father of Curitiba’s bus rapid transit (BRT) system and believes car culture will soon be a thing of the past. Photo by Thomas Locke Hobbs. According to Jaime Lerner, car exhaust is the new second-hand smoke. ...
Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Joel McCann.
The life and death of urban highways
Cover for the newly released publication “Vida e Morte das Rodovias Urbanas“. Courtesy of EMBARQ Brasil. EMBARQ Brazil and ITDP Brazil officially launched the Portuguese version of “Life and Death of Urban Highways” last week, during the III Congress SIBRT: ...
TransMilenio BRT system, Bogotá, Colômbia. Photo by EMBARQ Brasil.
Bus transportation making an impact: an update from the BRT world
Buses began operating at a large scale by the year 1910, offering the advantages of route flexibility for routing, adaptation alongside the development of urban roads, and lower installation costs, as compared to railways. Efficient service and door-to-door service between ...
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