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Cities Have Metabolisms Too: İzmir and Rotterdam Work to Streamline Resource Use at a Civic Level
Cities Have Metabolisms Too: İzmir and Rotterdam Work to Streamline Resource Use at a Civic Level
From space, cities can look like microscopic living organisms, with bright nodes of industrial and civic activity connected by circulating routes of traffic and transport. Some cities are taking this analogy to a new level with an “urban metabolic” approach ...
As Transforming Transportation 2015 kicks off, panelists discuss the essential role of transport in the future of sustainable urban development. Photo by ruimcc77/Flickr.
Live from Transforming Transportation: How can smart cities work with the sustainable development agenda?
Transforming Transportation (#TTDC15) is the annual conference co-organized by EMBARQ, the sustainable urban transport arm of the World Resources Institute’s (WRI) WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, and the World Bank. This year’s conference focuses on Smart Cities for Shared Prosperity, and takes place ...
Do you want a say in infrastructure projects in your city? Crowdfunding can allow citizens to turn creative, sustainable projects into reality. Photo by David Berkowitz/Flickr.
Friday Fun: You, too, can build a sustainable city through crowdfunding
Here at TheCityFix, we love exploring the latest, most breathtaking innovations in sustainable urban development. And for good reason! Measures like São Paulo’s citizen hackathons, Medellín’s aerial cable cars, glow-in-the-dark road markings, and Hamburg and Helsinki’s plans for car-free mobility ...
Photo by Christian Haugen
Friday Fun: The 5 best nautical commutes for World Water Day 2013
Happy World Water Day 2013! In the inconceivable event you were caught unawares for the past twenty years, in 1993 the UN General Assembly designated March 22nd as an annual day to raise international awareness of water conservation issues and ...
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