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Nominations are now open for the 2015 Sustainable Transport Award, which will highlight one city’s leadership in sustainable urban mobility. Photo by Alex Proimos/Flickr.
Nominate your city for the 2015 Sustainable Transport Award!
EMBARQ – the producer of TheCityFix – together with the rest of the Sustainable Transport Award (STA) Committee, invites you to nominate your city for the Sustainable Transport Award! Nominations are open now and will be accepted until September 15, ...
Technology is allowing city residents to interact with their surroundings in new ways, which can have both the benefit of advancing sustainable development and the drawback of reinforcing social divisions. Photo by Daniel Chavez/Flickr.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: New mapping algorithm poses problems and promise for cities
Yahoo Labs has recently created a mapping algorithm that helps pedestrians find not the shortest route to their destination, but the most attractive one. This is great for visitors who want to spend every second of their time sightseeing in ...
In a new study on the connection between mood and transport, bicyclists were found to be the happiest, giving one more reason to choose sustainable mobility. Photo by Onny Carr/Flickr.
Mobility and mood: Does your commute make you happy?
There is a complex connection between the environments we inhabit and the way we feel. For instance, urban physicists have studied how rain and wind influence walking patterns, environmental psychologists have researched how the presence of nature influences well-being, and ...
King's Cross Station in London ties together both train and high-speed rail lines, serving as a transport hub for residents in the city and the wider region, and, perhaps, for wizards. Photo by Jim Nix/Flickr.
Friday Fun: What Harry Potter teaches us about integrated transport
In J.K. Rowling’s novel Harry Potter, there comes a time when the reader learns about Apparition – essentially teleportation – where wizards close their eyes, think about where they want to be, and poof! There they are. Once you learn ...
Surrounding transport systems subtly shape the patterns of interaction within public spaces. Photo by Dan Nguyen/Flickr.
Friday Fun: Three cities demonstrate the role of transport in shaping public space
Public spaces function as city halls, entertainment epicenters, informal meeting places, and cultural classrooms for cities. When thinking about what makes a successful public gathering point, things like architecture, historic monuments, and the people within the space come quickly to ...
Pedestrianization projects like that of Istanbul's historic peninsula can reduce traffic crashes and protect pedestrians. Photo by Andres Arjona/Flickr.
Cities that inspire us for United Nations Global Road Safety Week 2015
Editor’s note: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the third Global Road Safety Week occurred in April 2014. The third Global Road Safety week is planned for 2015.  Already there are 1.2 million traffic-related deaths per year worldwide. ...
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