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Car-sharing is beginning to take hold in Chinese cities, and can help reduce car ownership, congestion, and air pollution. Photo via
Car-sharing grows in China as an alternative to vehicle ownership
China’s increasing overall wealth makes it unlikely that the country’s growth in car ownership will stop any time soon. However, severe air pollution and traffic congestion have led several large Chinese cities to take action to stem the rising tide ...
Manila intersection
Transport takes center stage at Asia Low Emission Development Strategies Forum in Manila
The transport sector is the fastest growing major contributor to global climate change – it accounts for 23% of energy related CO2 emissions. In Asia, CO2 emissions are expected to experience a three- to five-fold increase by 2030 compared to ...
Intermediate public transport services such as auto-rickshaws are an important part of sustainable urban transport in India. Photo by Roy Sinai.
Rickshaw-Taxi Online Discussion Group – A Summary of Discussions
This blog post is part of the Catalyzing New Mobility program and receives support from The Rockefeller Foundation. Intermediate public transport (IPT) services, such as auto-rickshaws and taxis are an important part of sustainable urban transport in India. Over the ...
Photo by badbrother.
Switching gears and bringing cycling culture back to China and Taiwan
China is currently experiencing the fastest growth in bike-sharing in the world, with thirty-nine bike-share systems in place, with the latest addition from last month in Aksu, near the the Kyrgyzstan border. At the head of the thirty-nine cities sits Hangzhou, ...
Curitiba Street by Robert Blackie
30 years of transport in Latin America: 15 years back, 15 years ahead
Fifteen years ago, Latin America passed a tipping point on the road to becoming a global leader in advanced bus systems, proving that municipalities can inspire meaningful change through a combination of leadership, institutional support, and funding. Today, Latin America ...
Expanding Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing to College Campuses
Expanding Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing to College Campuses
Zipcar recently became the lead investor for Wheelz, the first peer-to-peer (P2P) car sharing company that targets college campuses. Zipcar is investing $13.7 million, stating that Wheelz has the “right leadership, technology and business model to succeed in the emerging ...
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