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Universidad de Chile metro station mural
Friday Fun: Art in metro stations is about more than just good looks
A successful transport system connects people with their city not only physically, but also culturally. While public transport can sometimes be perceived as anonymous and impersonal, metro stations that engage culturally with the communities they serve are much more likely ...
There are many obstacles on the path towards sustainable, inclusive, healthy cities, but there's some fun along the way, too. Photo by kk9k/Flickr.
TheCityFix’s Year in Review: Five stories that prove building sustainable cities can be fun, too
With every year that passes, the challenges to creating the sustainable cities we want to live in seem to multiply. Our cities are growing larger, their roads are more congested, their air quality is deteriorating, and their contributions to climate ...
Dogs ride the Moscow Metro, too! Photo by Adam Baker/Flickr.
Friday Fun: Moscow metro’s commuter dogs
Over the past few years, a number of incredulous stories have surfaced about stray dogs in Moscow – dogs that sleep in the suburbs, take the subway downtown in the morning with other commuters and return home in the evening ...
Moscow Metro
Friday Fun: Squat your way to metro tickets in Moscow
Many cities are working to encourage healthier habits among their urban residents, but none have gone so far as Moscow, Russia, did last week. For one month, Muscovites can now purchase metro tickets through an unconventional means: by doing squats. ...
Melbourne operated a successful urban repositioning. Photo by mugley.
Urban repositioning: quick lessons in cities sustainable development
Most people today live in cities and this concentration creates stress – on urban systems and on people themselves. Some cities have undergone urban repositioning – an effort to revamp their centers through urban research, design and planning – allowing them ...
TheCityFix Picks, December 31: Light Rail Across N. America, Chinese Car Sales, Pricey Petrol
TheCityFix Picks, December 31: Light Rail Across N. America, Chinese Car Sales, Pricey Petrol
Welcome back to TheCityFix Picks, our series highlighting the newsy and noteworthy of the past week. Each Friday, we’ll run down the headlines falling under TheCityFix’s five themes: mobility, quality of life, environment, public space, and technology and innovation. Mobility ...
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