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Streetcars are one of multiple public transport options for cities to consider when investing in sustainable urban mobility. Photo by Sean Davis/Flickr.
Are streetcars worth the investment?
The Economist recently argued that streetcars are “a waste of money,” citing their high capital costs and inefficiencies as a means of transport. Others have argued that streetcars can be a catalyst for creating dynamic, vibrant urban environments. Both arguments ...
To help increase safety for women on mass transport, cities in Latin America are requiring women-only passenger cars on metro systems. Photo by Gustavo Gomes/Flickr
Customers protest new women-only cars on São Paulo metro system
Cities around the world face the challenge of creating safe public spaces for women. In Brazil, sexual assault is a prevalent problem. Alarmingly, a survey by the Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada, a major Brazilian research institute, found that 26% of ...
Open Payment Systems to Ease Transit Commuting
Open Payment Systems to Ease Transit Commuting
Washington, D.C. Metro riders will soon be able to add value to their SmarTrip cards online. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority launched a pilot program in July, testing the idea of online management of SmarTrip cards. Now the pilot ...
Enjoy the Ride on Earth Day!
Enjoy the Ride on Earth Day!
Many transit authorities around the nation are offering free rides today, in honor of Earth Day. Make sure to follow your regional or local transit authority for similar promotions!
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