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Leapfrog or Lock-in? Exploring the Potential Impact of Carsharing
Leapfrog or Lock-in? Exploring the Potential Impact of Carsharing
Growing from 6 operators in 2012 to 41 by mid-2015, carsharing is rapidly expanding in emerging markets worldwide. What is the future of carsharing? What impact will this innovation have on cities? What are the key challenges for ensuring that carsharing ...
Demystifying Transport Demand Management (TDM)
Strategies for sustainable cities: Demystifying transport demand management
A century of car-centric urban development has left our cities polluted, congested, and searching for sustainable solutions. Transport Demand Management (TDM) strategies can provide these solutions by combining public policy and private sector innovation to reverse over-reliance on private cars. ...
Connection between Medellín's Metrocable and Metroplús rapid transit systems
Mobility solutions for marginalized communities: The urban cable car
Latin America’s rate of urbanization peaked in the 1960s and 1970s, during which the region’s cities saw unprecedented rural to urban migration. In the following decades, violence in many of these population-drained rural areas accelerated the flow of rural migrants ...
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