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An ethanol production plant in Brazil. Photo by . Shell.
The challenges of ethanol in Brazil
While a debate continues about the future of biofuels, Brazil is currently facing an important decision for its own future. Ethanol from sugar cane emerged in the years 2000 as a potential alternative to fossil fuels and possibly a game-changer ...
A boy peers out a bus window in Mumbai, India. Photo by gregor_y.
How clean is the air we breathe in cities?
More and more cities worldwide are grappling with the ever-increasing menace of air pollution — especially in India, which contains some of the most polluted cities in the world. Rapid economic growth in developing countries and increased individual wealth is ...
Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo by Aileen Carrigan - EMBARQ.
Natural gas and low-sulfur diesel meet again
This is the second round of a two-part series weighing the benefits of natural gas versus low-sulfur diesel as fuel sources for buses. Natural gas won Round I because when we focus on tailpipe emissions it is less toxic, and ...
Emissions Regulations, An Integral Part of A Larger Policy Toolkit
Emissions Regulations, An Integral Part of A Larger Policy Toolkit
Aiga Stokenberga, the author of this blog post, completed this research as an intern in EMBARQ in Summer 2011.  Her research product is one of the last articles co-authored by the late Dr. Lee Schipper. EMBARQ encourages young researchers working ...
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