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Curitiba, Brazil's green corridor
Friday Fun: Greening the street for better public spaces
Streets perform a necessary function in the life of cities, like the arteries of a complex, urban organism. As the Project for Public Spaces notes, city streets “animate the social and economic life of communities” by serving as primary sites ...
Green Corridor of Cali, Colombia
Dario Hidalgo shares shining examples of integrated transport, with Robin King
On October 7 – two weeks ago today – TheCityFix reported on UN World Habitat Day and the release of the 2013 Global Report on Human Settlements. Now that the report has been out for a while, we’re following up ...
2010 Sustainable Transport Awards: Nominees Announced
2010 Sustainable Transport Awards: Nominees Announced
Last year, New York City became the first U.S. city to win the 2009 Sustainable Transport Award. As reported on, the city was recognized for its significant transport reforms, as a continuation of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s PlaNYC 2030, a ...
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