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In African Cities, Mapping Paratransit Makes for Smarter Mobility
In African Cities, Mapping Paratransit Makes for Smarter Mobility
Hand-drawn in black marker and spanning an entire wall of Addis Ababa’s Anbessa company headquarters is a map depicting stops, timetables and fares for the city’s 73-year-old public bus system. Peeling icons and stickers tell a history of corrections and ...
Bus rapid transit (BRT) is expanding worldwide, particularly in Asia and Latin America. Watch it grow on Photo by EMBARQ Brasil.
New BRT data shows cities’ increased commitment to sustainable transport
The global database of bus rapid transit (BRT) data has recently been updated, and the increased number of BRT lines, as well as the length of those lines, reflects the commitment of cities around the world to provide high-capacity ...
Although Brazil has taken criticism for World Cup infrastructure investments, examples like Belo Horizonte's MOVE bus rapid transit (BRT) system show how a project can serve visitors and also provide lasting impacts for the people of Brazil. Photo by Mariana Gil/EMBARQ Brazil.
To Maracanã and beyond: World Cup brings sustainable transport benefits to Brazil
World Cup fans may be focused on the games, but critics are paying attention to another aspect of the event—its price tag. Brazil spent billions of dollars on World Cup infrastructure, and many are understandably questioning the long-term benefits these ...
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